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Persis Biryani Indian Grill is an entertaining - filled casual dining place in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. The restaurant has behaved with a carefully curated menu that includes a wide range of dishes, including tikka masala with chicken, cabbage and bhajans.

There is also amazing fusion food present that retains the original flavors of Indian curries with a modern approach. If you are looking for tasty Indian flavors with unique dimensions, Hot Indian is the best place to go.

Surabhi Indian Cusine is a try - an Indian eatery in Bloomington that has a long history of good food and great customer service. The restaurant takes a modern approach to Indian cuisine, combining traditional Indian curries with modern dishes such as chicken, beef, pork and vegetables.

Hyderabad practises the traditional method of cooking tandoor on charcoal to present a real taste of India to customers. The authentic cuisine of Hyderabadi is known for its use of clay ovens that allow the preparation of traditional dishes such as chicken, beef, pork and vegetables. The restaurant follows the same approach to deliver authentic flavor in all its dishes.

Many vegetarian customers love this place, although there are limited options for vegetarian food in the restaurant. The buffet is full of delicious dishes such as chicken, beef, pork, lamb, chicken and pork ribs. A must-try - try the typical chicken tandoor, a traditional Indian dish with a variety of vegetables and meat in this restaurant.

There are also many unique dishes that are not available in the city's usual Indian restaurants. Traditional dishes are prepared according to generations - ancient recipes - and the staff ensure that each dish is served to suit all spice levels and dietary needs.

Whether you are a regular or first-time customer, Darbar India Grill offers unparalleled service to all its customers. The Bay Leaf's Indian cuisine features a full-service restaurant offering a wide range of dishes and vegetarian options.

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More About Eagan